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Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
, the question is are scenes like this realistic? >> you're a terrorist. >> imagine we were sitting down to dinner with your wife and children and drone strike heads destroy us all. who is the terrorist. >> cenk: we have a former c.i.a. agent on the show tonight and she'll explain that the scene is shockingly realistic. how much did sheldon adelson spend on this election? >> cenk: shooting his girlfriend and then going down the stadium and shooting himself as well. we'll give you more details on that in a second. what everyone is talking about is bob costas' reaction during the sunday night football game. first he started out unobjectible, poignant and he usually is. >> in the aftermath of the unphattible eventsunfathomable events in kansas city. this really puts everything in perspective. if so that perspective has a short shelf life since we'll hear about the perspective we'll regain the next time ugly reality intrudes upon our games. those who need tragedies to recalibrate their sense of proportion with sports would seem to have little hope of truly achieving perspective. >> cenk: i l
Dec 28, 2012 12:00am EST
. >>> the white house released their holiday card. it is a realistic painting. it's the obama family dog in front of the white house. the painting was done in black and white. it's based on a color photo. that's the original photo. it was a little too colorful for me. a very colorful. i think beau might be getting to the obama supply of centrum. speaking of the holiday spirit this is nice. this happened in thanksgiving. a station in kentucky was doing a live report from a shelter that does an annual thanksgiving dinner. keep an eye on what goes on in the background in tonight's edition of "behind the news. >> what are you thankful this thanksgiving? >> this thanksgiving i'm thankful i see all these men and women in this hotel who come in and have a good thanksgiving and share it with us that i have my life back, my grandchildren, my son. i have a wonderful job now. i couldn't be more blessed. >> spirit of the holidays. everyone wants a drumstick. what are you going to do? >>> tonight is the third night of hanukkah. my favorite thing about hanukkah is there is no wrong way to spell it. i think che
Dec 7, 2012 7:00am PST
don't think this needs to be explained, it's called mad man with broom. the realist crows return at earliest morning. and the madman with broom, madman in his night shirt with a broom, he, too, returns. he thinks to roust the crows from the mulberry boughs by jabing and swirling his broom, by crazily twirling his broom in the wet summer air and hurling curses skyward beyond the boughs and the crows toward the fading gods beyond the fading stars. but the realist crows know it is only a man in a nightshirt after dawn; that the broom is a broom and that his cries are nothing more than words and half words the heavy air will swallow. they rise anyway from the tree, as best to quiet him and let morning be morning. soon enough they will return again by twos and threes, settling among the spreading limbs, their laughter the same before and after. catherine case is the next reader. . >> one is called the mountain by hashim hafik and it's translated by sadi samoi. i have washed the mountain, i have washed the stones and the pebbles that clings to the trees. i have washed the mountain. i h
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
something and then pushes aside. what are the odds of that realistically? >> realistically, we can see a ban on assault weapons. whether that will address the problem, i do not think so. the problem goes beyond the assault weapons, as charles pointed out. there are so many weapons out there right now. there are thousands already out there in the community. it only takes one person to do something. >> and sales have gone up since. >> that is all true, but we could do something about the size of these clips. having said that, we need to do something about the mental health system in our country. it is completely fallen apart. after the shootings at virginia tech, in the state of virginia, they appropriated $43 million more for mental health services. the next year, they cut it by $50 million. you cannot have a system that does not treat people. you cannot have a system that does not do something about committing people for more easily for periods of time to be able to treat them. it does not work. on top of that, you have these incredibly ferocious weapons that were made four more times than a
Dec 30, 2012 9:30am EST
-estate experience -- washington is such a realistic town -- it gave us a leg up understanding virtually the entire city that i or other directors understood. it made a big difference. >> give us a background for the back than that. your dad was a big influence -- he was a l liquor will sailor. what are some of the things about the business world does your dad did that he wanted to replicate? my dad was very passionate about what he did. he loved what he did. he was a salesman for a wholesaler had wonderful relationships with the stores he called on and was always available to the store owner. i remember as a kid when it was christmas time and somebody needed it is a liquor and they were out, my father was the first one saturday or sunday to figure out a way to get the case -- tried to brooklyn or queens -- to get the store owner of the liquor. it was really his passion and vision and commitment to be able to give back. that is what he did and i have had it really my whole life during college and then starting out when i started the real- estate business. >> you went to the university of maryryland
Dec 16, 2012 9:00pm EST
-- the hungarian film industry. how did it become a social realist film industry? it had a different background. i look at german painters. germany had a vibrant abstract art movement in the 1930's and the 1920's. they came back to berlin, thinking they would be able to paint what they wanted. many were communists and discovered actually they were not going to be allowed to. how did they react and, some of them taught themselves to paint again. i looked at some economic questions. in particular, i was interested in small shops and retailing. this was the hardest part of the economy to control, so i looked at the files of the ministry of economics in germany and poland. i look at the secret police documents because i was looking at the origin of the secret police. how was it created? who were the people? where did they come from? how were they trained? i went through all this. in addition, i used soviet documents, some of which have been published or made available in the 1990's which were not available anymore. there is a wonderful collection in warsaw in about 1991 or 1992. the polish military ar
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
. on fiscal reform and the question of the cliff. the realists we'll call them and the ideologues we'll call them because it makes sense. former mississippi governor who is a realist, haley barbour, planted him in the realist camp, and even rush limbaugh has acknowledged republicans' weak position. let's listen to both. >> as a republican, i would take raising the rates on the two top brackets if in return we had tax reform laid out over a period of months, if we had entitlement reform, if you have the whole package. i would hold my nose. >> what i'm saying is i don't think there's a republican alive who can stop what's going to happen. we don't have the leverage, the power isn't there. >> talk about a decisive move. we got him in the realist category, it's a strange brew. then the ideologues. i thought rush was always there. but not this time. they say avoid tax increases at all costs. here is kentucky senator rand paul. let's listen. >> i think the president's got it exactly backwards. he's adamant about raising taxes, and he's dead wrong. >> what do you think of mr. boehner's idea, cap de
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
like a big deal. >> this is 11 sports. >> realist the face of the baltimore ravens has been placed on the active 53-man roster. lewis may suit up for a post- season game. they activated lewis from the injured list. he tried in the dallas game and many believed he might not play again. he has other plans. and bernard pollard to return as well. it is not an admission but not a game of great consequence. with a big one unopened gift in the form of a wild card round game, a bit of a strange vibe. they looked like the same team that ran all over cincinnati to open the regular season. joe flacco looked like the guy we saw last week against the giants. assume that at the dalton has nightmares about that pass. repeatng up zea performance. how about a look ahead to 2013? where's.he who's and the jets, green bay, minn., and houston. going by the 2012 results, an easier road schedule. traveling to chicago, detroit, and denver. dates and times are usually announced in late april. sadness at of college park. the quarterbacks coach -- he was the head coach in college park from 1987 to 1991. maki
Dec 30, 2012 2:00pm PST
and who it is going to him. realistically though, those spending cut russ critical because, like you said i martin, a debt ceiling of $16.3 trillion right now and you have to cut back, the big issue, what makes all of this so complicated is that if you do start cutting back because right now you 25% of gross domestic product comes from government spending so if you do have spending cuts, you have to, therefore, cutting suggesting that is going to reduce gdp, where is the lift going to come from? wall street economists are saying, we need the spending cuts, realistically the economy can't handle itself anyway, the democrats are actually using that in their negotiating ploys. >> if you are wall street, what would you say the perfect formula to try to resolve this fiscal cliff issue, todd again? >> let me tell you can the tax issue is such a critical thing on wall street right now. everybody knows once you start taxing the rich, anybody making 250,000 that might seem like rich and middle america. a small business owner right now, the guy that has that corner grocery store, the corner gasolin
Dec 26, 2012 12:45am EST
and precisely because the realists expect conflict and they are less likely to react to it. also they valued the order of freedom because without a semblance of order, freedom doesn't mean anything, people can't practice it in the first place and that is another thing i learned about iraq which is even the tyranny of saddam hussein as terrible as it was precisely because it was a tyranny and people could get around, and people's the daily life was predictable, you knew was not flout but in the state of anarchy which is what they defended to in 2006 and in 2007 there were no rules. >> you also talk about the governing and analyses if you will, the munich analogy that compromise is fatal, look at munich and how they led the second world -- world war and the vietnam analogy that argues the limits of power, the arguments that you are making on the vigor transforming the role of the day so very unfortunate results. you talk about foreign policy as being at least two ideas or and although she's in play and i would be interested -- i keep on thinking that you are a vietnam analogy by and we must st
FOX Business
Dec 24, 2012 10:00am EST
there in the next-- >> let's be realistic, you're comparing natural gas and wind mills, it's going to be a long time before wind mills can get to where natural gas is. if we have to deal with a solution right now for the chinese to prevent them from spewing out all of that coal. 70% of their energy needs is coal-produced. if we want to switch to something cle something cleaner. natural gas in the meantime. >> what china is doing, what no one in the history has done, hundreds of millions of people from abject poverty to the middle class. it's energy and effort unfortunately #70% is coal. and we need to transition away. >> is there actually something we can do about the china situation? half the problem we don't know what's going on inside the country's borders, much less the ability to impact change. what can we actually get done there? >> i think, shibani, it's a great question and has to do with a partnership. a signo american partnership around clean green energy technology. china is now the leading wind producer for electricity. more wind produced electricity in china than anywhere in the world.
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
of guns and things like that. if we start talking about that, then we'll be realistic. i think what's happening now for a lot of these politicians is we've had this moment here in our culture which is pretty horrific, and they're running for the hills a little bit, running scared, so they're going to look for something they can do that is maybe better than nothing but largely cosmetic. just like the assault weapons ban was largely cosmetic. >> give me a ron reagan gun bill. >> a ron reagan gun bill says just like when you want to buy a car or drive a car, you have to go and prove that you understand the laws surrounding the use of your gun. you have to prove you know how to use your gun, how to store your gun, how to clean your gun. you've got to go through a background check, of course, whether you buy the gun at a gun show or anywhere else. think of the stupidity of the gun show loophole. i mean, was bob casey talking about that? the fact you can buy a gun over ruling out the possibility of some gun control legislation, but catch his act. this is what the republican party has been
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am EST
to hold people's feet to the fire? >> we ought to talk about what might be realistic. given the clock is ticking. you have to look at what is set to expire. i would suggest the payroll tax cuts should be allowed to expire. it is $127 billion. it is not needed. in addition to that, it sets a terrible precedent to general revenue financing of social security. secondly, you clearly do not take place. allow some of it to take place. we have got to patch amt. we have got to do something pending more fundamental health care reforms. the president talks a lot about balance. i would suggest that is the wrong term. we need a comprehensive solution, not a balanced solution. balanced implies 50/50. it should be weighted towards spending. tax expenditures, they are back door spending. if you reduce tax expenditures, even geared toward the "wealthy," then you reduce spending and increase revenues. 95% of people who voluntarily sign up for voluntary programs for medicare get a 75% taxpayer subsidy irrespective of their income. if you move towards premium support, that will generate more revenues, b
Dec 24, 2012 11:35pm PST
: the kid who plays your brother he sounded so realistic. you said they were probably real tears. >> that suit was hot and that slide was scary to go down. >> reporter: on stage the new ralphie isn't blond but clark has the look down. >> it's my scared face like -- >> reporter: and boy, can he sing. >> ♪ ralphie to the rescue >> reporter: on the opening night of the performance, seattle's fifth avenue theater crowded with adults. >> i have loved this movie for eons, decades. >> before the curtain opened it said "a christmas story" and it is the same music. boy, this has come a long way since i was 12 years old. >> reporter: without "a christmas story" the world may never know the joys of a leg lamp and kids might be sticking their tongues to flag poles. >> thanks, neal. next up for us we take a bite out of a british tradition that sounds absolutely disgusting. (all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississip
Dec 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
for this invitation. hope, that is the key word for the year to come. not irrational, but realistic optimism, there are many good reasons to be very hopeful. it is time to put our losses and frustrations in a paper bag and burn them. they belong to the past. the new year is like a last stage where we will write our dreams and hopes. what do we hope for? not only jobs, the end of the recession, and a congress that works for a change. let's be greetier. let's hope for a better country, and a safer world. for more compassion. and let's also wish for good fortune for this, our lovely city of san francisco. at the personal level, let's hope for less stress, because the crucial event that determine our life, are beyond our control. and that and good things just happen let's not blame ourselves too harshly when things go wrong. there is usually room for a lot of mistakes and new beginnings. strength comes from overcoming obstacles. that is how we learn and never from our success. we learn from our mistakes. if we are here to end and we do all of the time we just turn around and start again. we all
Dec 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
soccer. not an entirely realistic plot. the way we rode it was allen would write a chapter in send it to me and i would write a chapter in quickly instead of working toward some common artistic goal, deal with this. it will be the most realistic plot the of the book a one to talk about briefly , in sin city, novel and a route by myself without any help from anyone . and it's coming out in january. it's about a wedding set in miami, people from out of town come. the ritz-carlton key biscayne, and many things go wrong. almost all because they picked miami as the city to hold the sweating. of a big defender. i always have been commander since i moved here. but i defend the city. people afraid of miami. come back. we weren't shooting you. a fabulous place to be a fiction writer. the bus line never be done the imagination. you just need a subscription to the miami "herald". want you to consider some recent true events. a guy each another guy's face on the causeway. a person goes to jail for allegedly injecting fix a flat into other people's buts and getting paid to do that. a guy dies i
FOX News
Dec 16, 2012 8:00pm PST
a break with reality. you are not able to see things realistically you are not process things coming in in a realistic way. >> and a sociopath what does it mean if a person is described as sociopathic? >> sociopaths is a character logical disorder. it is manifest by usually people who can't feel, they don't have empathy. they don't connect to the usual day-to-day feelings that most of us can connect to. >> so some people could be some what psychotic and sociopathic, is it possible to be a person with both character ryes risticks? >> from the mental health experts i work with every day i believe the answer to that would be yes. >> so that's what i want to make sure people understand. this is very complex. it's not like you can take a child and say he has asperger's therefore he is more likely to do a mass murder and by the way that means he is psychotic. it involves a complex kind of diagnosis. >> a complex diagnosis as well as putting it into context and really looking at how to access in the real world. the treatments might be intervention getting help it's the biggest we face. havi
Dec 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
their story through symbolism rather than realism. the gold-leaf sky isn't realistic, but it implies a rich and holy setting. the angels are stacked, like a totem pole. on this altarpiece, these panels tell the story of the crucifixion, but they don't create any sense of depth. yet artists were trying. to show jesus' head leaning out, it actually does. giotto, often considered the first modern painter, is still gothic, but notice the progress. a more realistic setting places mary and baby jesus on a throne occupying a believable space. the kneeling angels in front and peek-a-boo saints behind create an illusion of depth. if the renaissance was a foundation of the modern world, a foundation of the renaissance was classical art. sculptors, painters, and poets alike turned to ancient work for inspiration. this 2,000-year-old classical goddess, a roman copy of the much older greek original, stood in the medici family garden. this venus was considered the epitome of beauty. louis xiv made a copy, napoleon stole it, and in the 19th century, young aristocrats on the grand tour stood right here and
Dec 14, 2012 4:30pm PST
, how realistic is that? >> it is very realistic. ou know, it isunny, w are so accustomed in the past decade or so to being on the edge of the oil equation and by that i mean, we are just -- things are tight, shortages almost if there was any kind of upset in the middle east prices would react violently to the upside but i have been doing this a while and i don't want to date myself but back in 1998 when oil prices fell to about $10 a barrel that was because there was over production, saudi arabia was battling venezuela at the time for market share here in the u.s. and when you talk about 70 or i think merriynch's $50 a barrel call, potential call, it is that kind of environment, it is that one i can't there is oil that is being produced really massively in the middle of the country, makes it to the gulf coast, where we see the production in iraq continue to arise, we see the saudis trying to hold on to market share and others that will force this price down, break the back of the entire prices. >> just to wrap it up here i want you to put it in perspective because consumers and busin
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am PST
, it probably will. > > how little can you get into it? realistically. > realistically, you really have to- if you are really going to look at it as a true investment, you really have to go in and start being very careful and buying some more high-end things. we are talking wines that are $500 a bottle upon release, $1,000 a bottle upon release, and you're going to want to buy full cases, whether that be a six-pack case or a 12-pack case. so, you are looking a lot of times at a minimum investment of $6,000 to $12,000 for a case. it is not an easy thing to get into unless you really kind of have the capital to do so. > terrific. very good advice. thank you so much craig perman from perman wine selections. stay tuned, chart talk is next. volatility was a big deal in 2011. in 2012, not so much - until now. dan deming of stutland equities joins us this morning for chart talk. hi dan. what's happening with the vix? > > hey chuck. you are certainly seeing some strength there, some concerns as we roll toward the end of the year with no deal out of washington. you are seeing some vol buyers enter
Dec 1, 2012 11:00pm PST
that as realistic, we'll be able to attract or we'll be able to attract at thection ants that will be able to do other part of the work that needs to get done renovating these buildings and making them usable? >> that's my next point here. we've got strong market interest. there's a lot of users out there. there really aren't this scale of light industrial spaces for -- it's the boutique manufacturing. it's the sf made. it's the kinds of uses that wanna be san francisco, want to be in dogpatch. we've heard from the orton team. i'll have eddie orton speak to you at the end of this. [speaker not understood]. this is being pro formaed at realistic [speaker not understood]. the next piece, we've structured this deal that orton has offered, willing to commit up to 14 million. also because of their credit, their ability and their experience, able to bring tax credit investor, equity investment which is a 20% of the project cost as another equity partner into this. and strong debt. so, because of that and the rent, we can draw the capital needed. it's managing the costs is going to be the challenge he
Dec 22, 2012 2:00am EST
's stop complaining and focus other campaign -- [inaudible] vital, valuable and realistic this year. a review of the curriculum -- [inaudible] we do not need transport at the campaign. if you are unhappy go and do something about it. make it change locally. so nationally we can bo focus on another more effective campaign. so i plead with you here today to not vote for the u.k. parliament campaign for the next year to be made public transport cheaper, better, and acceptable for all. think. do you want an effective curriculum to prepare us for life? teach us about politics? [inaudible] education and [inaudible] which can be achieved in a year? or do you want to drag out the campaign making public transport cheaper, better, and assessable for all? for at least another year? it's your decision. [applause] >> thank you very much indeed. we have two great speeches to get us to a cracking start. and i'm not looking for contributions from the floor, yes. the first person i saw was the young woman there. [inaudible conversations] >> yes. start by saying name and area. >> from north york shir
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
, and how much my willing to spend? , the third point of that frankly is a, what is the realistic capability i deplore the ground that is going to accomplish michael? it is all the question -- "i can deploy on the ground that is my goal? accomplish michael i think it is about this balance of having clear, realistic goals for the amount of resources you're willing to commit with. you brought up isr and border security. these are things that are extremely expensive to field. isr is great. the question is, what kind of isr do you want? isr you want is people on the ground you can trust with a cellphone were calling and telling you what is going on in the countryside. it is about as realistic planning. that is a great thing about africom. if it does the training exercises and it does the capacity building that they know how to do, they're going to provide -- they're going to help africans provide realistic solutions. heritage was the first foundation to make a credible argument for establishing africom. we want to facilitate solutions within those countries so united states does not get drawn in
Dec 31, 2012 2:00am EST
and focus other campaign -- [inaudible] vital, valuable and realistic this year. a review of the curriculum -- [inaudible] we do not need transport at the campaign. if you are unhappy go and do something about it. make it change locally. so nationally we can bo focus on another more effective campaign. so i plead with you here today to not vote for the u.k. parliament campaign for the next year to be made public transport cheaper, better, and acceptable for all. think. do you want an effective curriculum to prepare us for life? teach us about politics? [inaudible] education and [inaudible] which can be achieved in a year? or do you want to drag out the campaign making public transport cheaper, better, and assessable for all? for at least another year? it's your decision. [applause] >> thank you very much indeed. we have two great speeches to get us to a cracking start. and i'm not looking for contributions from the floor, yes. the first person i saw was the young woman there. [inaudible conversations] >> yes. start by saying name and area. >> from north york shire. as we're awear and public
Dec 16, 2012 6:00am EST
that we could do to hold people's feet to the fire? >> we ought to talk about what might be realistic. >> ok. >> and given the clock is ticking, we don't have a whole lot of time left. first, you have to look at what is set to expire and you have to separate the week from the things that should be allowed to expire and things that shouldn't. i would suggest that the payroll tax cuts should be allowed to expire. it's $127 billion. it's not needed at this point in time. it's a want, it's not a need. in addition to that, as former trusty of social security and medicare, it set a terrible precedent for social security. secondly, you clearly don't want all of the sequester to take place with regard to defense and discretionary. we've got to patch a.m.t. and ultimately, we need to get rid of it. we've got to do something -- pending more fundamental health care reforms. but other ideas. the president talks a lot about balance. i would respectfully suggest that's the wrong term. we need extensive solution and not a balance solution. balance implies 50-50 -- i'm a libra, with regard to revenue
Dec 23, 2012 8:00am PST
to do. >> is that still realistic with time running short now? >> it's not realistic, but it was realistic december 1st. it's time for us to get down to work and do the people's business. >> senator klobuchar, you heard senator isakson support a bill like that. is that what you expect your leader, senator reid, to bring to the floor? >> well, we have already passed that in the senate, as you know, george, for keeping the tax cuts in place for the middle class, people making under 250,000 a year, and as you know, if we go back to the clinton levels for people making over 250,000, we literally save a trillion dollars in ten years but i will say, johnny isakson is a guy i like a lot. you can see his willingness to talk about things in the middle is what we need in washington and the main thing that needs to happen here is that speaker boehner and the house of representatives have to come back to washington. the senate is coming back on december 27th. i think, you know, most members are used to spending that christmas to new year's at home in their home states. it is time
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am EST
deficits, and it simply is not enough. let's do some realistic mathematics, which everyone is ignoring. if we do some honest macros scoring, if you have a goal of stabilizing, it is not enough, because we get the demographic bust happening to us in 2020. we actually have to have our debt coming down if we have any chance of surviving the entitlements, so that is not enough. you really have to get a number like $6 trillion or $7 trillion, ok? let's give the president his fantasy about what he can get from the rich. we have got $1.20 trillion to go. i am sorry. not fighting the wars in iraq and afghanistan is not savings, any more than my not by a maserati next year is a savings. where are we going to get the money? we will need that in the future. say we get another $1.80 trillion in discretionary cuts. where are you going to get the other $3 trillion? there is only one other thing out here, and we do not want to admit it, and that leads ultimately you have to get money from others than the rich, and that is why i was interested in maya's comments. did they say, "i am willing to pay mor
Dec 26, 2012 2:00am PST
for a deal. you are waiting for a deal too. what are the odds -- but i should say realistically where is the republican party at in coming together and signing anything? >> we want to get the job done and in august the house passed and not just with republican votes, but with democratic colleagues as well, we passed extension of all the '01 and '03 tax relief, pending full tax reform so we can get the economy to grow again. because the common link we all have is that we want to see 23 million unemployed or underemployed american goes back to work. the only way to do is to provide relief to employers. small ones, big ones. the president has talked about lowering corporate tax rates, high nest the world. that's terrific. but we have the majority of small businesses that do 2/3 of the hires in the country. a majority of them will be caught up in the net if we allow '01 and '03 to expire. >> point taken, congresswoman, but the polling has consistently shown that most americans back the president. and the president, of course, insists that wealthy americans should pay more in taxes. >> yea
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
stimulating, if not a realistic appraisal of my work, comes from new musical express in london, who calls me the poet laureate of wild holds with revolvers. [laughter] you hope in vain to see quote like that on the back cover of your next book. [laughter] once i begin selling my work, the first one in 1951, it took 10 years to come up with a natural style that i liked. i would get out of bed at 5 a.m. and right into seven. five days a week, before getting ready for my job at an ad agency. my only rule at five in the morning, i had to start writing, get right into the story before i could put the water on for coffee. most of the fiction i wrote at daybreak sold the magazine. for 2 cents a word. 310 to yuma in 1953, 4500 words western, sold $490. two years later, a studio paid 4000 to make a movie starring glenn ford. and i liked it a lot, but walter called the picture three hours and 10 minutes past high noon. [laughter] in 1969, i wrote my first book that wasn't a western called the big bounce. my agent in hollywood at the time to read, called and said kidd, i'm going to make you rich. he sa
Dec 9, 2012 7:30pm EST
, in the end, you cannot be president and cannot be a realist. he said it is untenable to not help them because they are driving the budget deficit. the whole entitlement issue has been real -- of this problem. the taxing issue, yes. the pyrotechnics. there is the struggle between the republican and democratic view. but all of the numbers people know that it is the entitlement issue. if you can come up with some sort of fixed trajectory to make it somehow stable, that would be -- you have something from the book. >> your books are all ultimately about power. how it is used, squandered, built, and so the subtext of these events are about how life works, how washington works. if my favorite sentence in "the price of politics" is, when you need friends, it is too late to make them. tell us about what you have learned. what is the 100-your lesson for how that unravel? >> you mean, last year about what happened? they found a way to postpone everything. again, they can postpone lots of the problems. but postponement is the theme, that cliche, kicking the can down the road. i do not know what of the c
Dec 30, 2012 10:00am EST
in this congress. call me perhaps cynical and realistic, but i am sure will be planted into the 113th congress -- punted into the 113th congress. one of them is the farm bill. there is a threat that their prices could as much as double. you come from a part of indiana that is very diverse. what are you hearing in terms of those sorts of issues that are not necessarily in front of the headlines on newspapers or cnn or c-span about issues like that? >> this is an example of a washington has changed. they used to be certain issues, national security, transportation, agriculture that tended to not be partisan and all. you could come up with a solution that both sides could live with. this is another example of something that has historically not been a political football. there are some reasons for that. the bill used to be about 50-50 agricultural issues and 50% food stamps. now 80% of this bill is food stamps. it is not even aptly named when mcauliffe the farm bill anymore. we call it the farm bill anymore. i think it is an approach to helping the industry that makes more sense than the old scho
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Dec 30, 2012 1:30am EST
nto further debt. so, ancillary-- there are more negatives than sitis, but realistical, it's a tragic for the economy. >> there's nothing in obamace that addresses preventative care and some instancesight cause people to be more reckless, hey health care will provideor it. you see the ground swell of welfare spending. and a lot of people are taking ood stamps and buying yodels and ring-dings with it, nothing to keep them honest and off the taxpayer dime on the medical side. >> that's the final word, sarah, we've got to wrap this up. but full he disclosure, i clearly am very angry about the excise tax on nning, which was in the health care law. (laughter) >> which kicked in immediately. again, tax first and worry aboutverybody else later, okay? >> you one-percenter. it hurts busiss, tanning parlors everywhere. i'm serious. the facebook face-off. a new lgiving bosses passders, k to cavuto on business and for the latest on >> i in your facebook. starting next tuesday, employers in illinois cannot ask workers for passwords to social media sites like facebook and twitter, it'
Dec 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
to worry. the calculations are realistic. i hope it works. >> there is no plan b. >> the finance ministers brushoff warnings that the programs might not reduce greek debt enough. spain has formally asked for almost 40 billion euros in aid for its troubled banking sector. >> a strong indication that we have been successful in stabilizing the eurozone. spain now leads -- need less than originally assumed. the situation has improved. >> another trouble spot is cyprus. the country needs a bailout of between 10 billion euros and 17 billion euros. officials are waiting for our report on the island's banks. >> we now turn to our brussels correspondent. can you give us more details on how the buyback plan came about? >> the buyback program is supposed to help greece reduce its debt within a short period of time. that is a vital condition for the next tranche of funds that greece needs can be paid out. they gave the green light last week to pay out the money. they said they needed to have the greek debt burden reduced. the country is now trying to do that. it has put 20 bonds out on the market earl
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am PST
power. >> it's an exchange of experiences, knowledge and realistic knowledge transfer. >> reporter: the organizers also hosted the tour of geothermal power stations in the philippines. the delegation from kenya visited this facility. the visitors found that japanese technology is widely used in the philippines, a japanese firm constructed this plant. 33 years later it is still operating at full capacity. >> we are very impressed because of the standard the availability rate is over 95%, which means that it is available most of the time. we feel that this is an example we ought to em ulate. >> a japanese government official also joined the tour. like the philippines, japan has a high level of volcanic activity. it is the third largest geothermal energy reserves in the world. but geothermal makes up less than 0.3% of its energy mix. the accident at the fukushima nuclear plant in 2011 is prompting the country to review its policy on nuclear power. it is considering ways to promote geothermal power through deregulation incentives and international cooperation. >> translator: we hope to
Dec 28, 2012 2:30pm PST
future crises in the bud, but some economists were more realistic. >> the fiscal pact was basically superfluous. we already knew that all the countries were trying to cut back. weather or not they continue making cuts in 2018, which is what the fiscal pact promise, is of little interest to the markets. >> agrees also posed a challenge to the eu finance ministers, who approved a 130 billion you're out -- billion euro bailout -- greece also posed a challenge to the eu finance ministers, who approved a 130 billion euro fail appeared more and more, the focus on firewall plans for 2013, releasing 800 billion euros in october, but that attempt to extinguish the problem came too late for the spanish financial markets. one bank sounded alarm in may. it was nationalized and needed funds to survive. other banks went through similar problems. risk premiums for spain rose until the end of july, so european finance ministers agreed on a new mode of attack -- on july 20, they announced a 100 billion euro bailout to calm spain's blazing financial sector. over the summer, a new idea developed to pr
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
to promote realistic policies that respond to these expectations. >> one of noda's main opponents, liberal democratic party leader shinzo abe, said nuclear power should not be a matter of black or white. >> translator: after experiencing such a severe nuclear accident, we've all decided that japan should depend on nuclear power as little as possible. but the ldp's position is not to simply say let's go nuclear-free. that's because we're a responsible party. >> abe said the real issue is how to secure enough electricity. he added it would be unreasonable to rely on renewable energy sources as they have yet to be fully developed. the leader of the newly formed tomorrow party, yukiko kada, called for an end to nuclear power generation within a decade. she added her party would push for electricity conservation measures and the development of alternative sources of energy. japan restoration party leader and former tokyo governor shintaro ishihara said people who talk about reducing nuclear power should think first about the country's energy mix. he called for simulations to determine whether j
Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
? >> realistically, we can see a ban on assault weapons. whether that will address the problem, i do not think so. the problem is beyond the assault weapons. charles pointed out, in the post, there are some weapons out there now. there are thousands out there already in the community. >> and sales have gone up since this. >> that is all true but certainly we could do something about the size of these clips. having said that, we need to do something about our mental health system in this country. it is completely fallen apart. after the shootings at virginia tech, in the state of virginia, that appropriated $43 million more for mental health services. the next year, they cut it by $50 million. you cannot have a system that does not treat people. you cannot have a system that does not do something about committing people for -- more easily for periods of time to be able to treat them. it does not work. on top of that, you have these incredibly for russia's weapons that were made for were times that anybody can get. >> i think all that is true. i do think the change in the commitment laws over the l
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